I’m a future Doctor & I’m a cook!

“Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you what you are” Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. Foods always be my muse, my passion and pretty much my whole life shaped through the appreciation of foods. My mother is a very good cook, she literally cooked 4 to 5 dishes a day, making the best desserts I’ve EVER had in my entire life, and above of all she cooks with all her heart. Even a scrambled egg or a simple apple pie makes my mouth salivating. Through that appreciation of foods and its story behind all of those magnificent recipes, have shaped my passion towards foods. 

Being a full time medical student doesn’t stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming a good cook. My life literally filled with medical notes, books, and all those horrendous medical stuffs (which you could probably imagine how overwhelming would it be), but when I call it a day and sit on my table enjoying my dinner; my life turns, and all those mind-blowing medical things liberated from my head and I just feel free. Then why choose to be a doctor when you love foods so much? Why not a chef? Gosh, guys, gimme a break! lol, Being a doctor is just tooo mainstream, being a doctor who knows how to cook is kinda cool lol. I dont know, shall I put it this way, food is my passion, medical profession is my responsibility. Personally, learning how to cook is THE most exciting thing EVER and to be able to serve people and make them smile is literally THE most wonderful thing you’ll ever had.

Food aren’t just things that you put into your mouth, turning into poops at the end of the day, ya know. Its more than that. Foods bring people together; of all the differences that have widen the gap between us, foods bring us back together. It is a universal language adored by everyone no matter where you go. Foods are not a medium, it’s a process that filled with hard work, labor intensive effort and above all carried out with love and passion. To all my foodies maniac out there, spread your love like spreading butter on your toast =) Hope you enjoy my entries! Please enjoy reading my blog



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